B.Com - Banking and Insurance

The arrival of market-oriented research, globalisation, reforms and competitions in the banking and insurance sector and the need to equip prospective banking and insurance professionals to face the challenges ahead, a degree course has been developed in Banking and Insurance for the students who aspire to make a career in Banking and Insurance.

This course will provide the students, a greater in-depth knowledge of different aspects of banking, insurance and other financial services and a thorough understanding of the practical application of the theory. This is a degree programme which, apart from a general course study in commerce, has the primary focus on the systematic study of the concepts in the specialised subjects and topics related to Banking and Insurance.

This course aims to inculcate training and practical approach to the students by using modern technologies , and to give an adequate exposure to operational environment in the field of Banking, Insurance and other related financial services.

This programme is combination of accounting, banking and insurance. Banking and Insurance contribute around 40 per cent of the course content. It enables the students to learn the principles and concepts of banking and insurance in an elaborate manner. In addition, Accounting constitutes 35 per cent of the course content. Computer practicals, business law and taxation laws are also included in the programme.

This programme helps the students to face competitive examinations in banking and insurance sectors and also the Civil Service and Service Commission examinations. This programme is aimed at enhancing the competence in banking and insurance, providing the opportunity to face the challenges in these sectors.

Career Opportunities

  • Automobile industry, aviation industry, banks, business schools
  • Charity associations, consultancies, credit companies, educational instititutions
  • Economic consulting jobs, health department
  • Civil Services, insurance industry, investments, mortgage companies, property devlopers
  • Research agencies, research associates with economic consulting firms and savings and loan associations

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