School of Hotel Management and Catering Science

The course equips young men and women with the necessary knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to occupy key operational positions in the hospitality industry.

The Program is designed to train students at managerial levels in the principles and practices of Hotel Management, Food Production, Food and Beverage Service, Front Office, Housekeeping, Computers, Financial Management, Tourism and Travel Management, and Nutrition so as to provide qualified and technical personnel for the Hotel, Catering, Travel and Tourism Industry, Railways, Airlines, Shipping, etc.

Class room training is reinforced with on-the-job industrial exposure so as to sufficiently hone the skills and techniques learnt.


  • To set a high standard of knowledge and practice so that the status of the Industry may be raised and catering popularized by offering attractive and progressive careers.
  • To train craftsmen for the Hotel & Catering Industry with a view to develop high standards of skills and to raise crafts to levels of technology.
  • To develop an appreciation of foods and of their significant role in the Hotel & Catering Industry; to formulate new recipes and to standardize accepted ones and bring about a gastronomic integration.
  • To develop an understanding that food is the means by which good nutrition can be achieved. 
  • To develop a sense of responsibility for the improvement of Nutrition on a National level.
  • To help change food habits to correct the deficiency in diets in India by Nutrition education and introduction of nutritious and tasty dishes.

The course curriculum has undergone revision over the years keeping pace with the ever-changing industry. In fact, today's student is trained to keep pace with the ever changing field of Catering Technology. In order to compete on an international stage in the field of Hospitality Education - modern equipment, up-to-date curriculum and dedicated faculty is essential and imperative to attain and maintain global standards.

Career Opportunities

  • Hotel & Restaurant Management
  • Hospital Administration And Catering
  • Airline Catering And Cabin Services
  • Catering Departments Of Railways, Banks, Armed Forces, Shipping Companies Etc
  • Teaching And Self Employment

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